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Your best architecture company based in New York

We are motivated by a single goal: the success of our clients

We are diverse by design. Aedas brings together expertise from across the world. Each project includes designers that understand and respect the social and cultural needs of the local community they are designing for.
Our Values

Values are the core of our business


We value people, whether it is the teams we operate within, our collaboration with our clients.


Design is important to us. It matters. The spirit of this is engrained within our approach to design.


We like to share our design ideas with each other, and with all those we collaborate with on our projects.


projects in the last year

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teammates in over 20 offices

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how we work

Work philosophy

first step

Define the Problem

Understanding the requirements of the clients

Second Step


Integration of design with engineering principles

third step

Develop A solution

Detailed development of the design

fourth step


Project supervision and efficient execution


Become a client

Partner with us today to change how tomorrow looks. You’re exactly what’s needed to help us make it happen in your community.

Design your career

Work with passionate people who are experts in their field. Our teams love what they do and are driven by how their work makes an impact on the communities they serve.