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Although the overall price of a rendering project will vary from project to project, we have a fixed price for 3D renderings at $400 per image plus any modeling fees necessary to build the 3D model from the floor plans and elevations. If a 3D model is provided via Revit or SketchUp then the modeling fee is replaced by a minimal conversion fee that takes the Revit or SketchUp file and converts it to the formats that we use. The $400 fee for 3D architectural renderings is among the most competitive in the industry, and includes 3D camera setup, 3D texturing, 3D lighting and post production work to the generated image to make it photo-realistic.

Each of our 3D architectural rendering projects gets its’ own project page which gets updated constantly during the modeling and rendering process so that our clients are able to see the progression of the renderings from the very beginning until they’re satisfied with the final product.