stu3Dio renderings


Stu3Dio is a fully integrated rendering and presentation firm that specializes in photo-realistic 3D renderings. Integrating the latest in interactive technology with traditional 3D renderings, we have been able to create virtual modules that allow clients to fully experience their future projects in web formats that are easily communicated virtually anywhere in the world. Our project pages allow architects and builders to maintain a clear line of understanding with clients using comprehensible 3D renderings and animations to fully communicate the complete design intent, bringing out the soul of the project better than the traditional blueprint.


A little bit about stu3Dio…
stu3Dio was established in 2002 by young architects Hamlet Sadekyan (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo alum) and Haik Patian (Woodbury University alum) and has been serving the architectural/design community since 2002 with its’ production of architectural renderings, animations, and presentations for clients and architects to get projects approved throughout the United States and the world. We have worked on projects ranging from local single family dwellings, to high-rise complexes in Asia, to the development of a complete resort/island in Abu-Dhabi (UAE.) We have also developed interior and exterior renderings for shopping malls throughout the world and have worked with high-profile clients such as Westfield, Disney, and Manchester United.


Having constantly kept on the cutting edge of technology, we have incorporated many presentation techniques and skill-sets to better serve our clients. Our flash programmers have incorporated interactivity to the renderings that we produce to keep ahead of our competitors.