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What we do

3D Architectural renderings and presentations based in Burbank, California.

Established in 2003, stu3Dio is a leading rendering and presentation company that’s been serving the architectural community for almost two decades. We have a team of architects and interior designers on staff to make you presentations impress clients and get approvals from various planning departments. We have worked with firms all over the world to communicate their design intent to their clients.

“Our service helps architects, interior designers, developers, contractors, and realtors present their projects to clients and building officials in an efficient and organized manner.”

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who we are

We provide quality 3D renderings and presentations for the architectural industry.

Exterior Renderings

Exterior Renderings

Exterior Renderings

Photo realistic exterior 3D renderings that bring your designs to life. Ideal for communicating design intent with clients and planning departments alike.
Interior Renderings

Interior Renderings

Interior Renderings

Interior 3D renderings to show your clients the look and feel of their future home. Our talented interior designers will furnish the interiors to impress clients.
360 presentations

360 Presentations

360 Presentations

Virtual presentations that allow clients to interact with the renderings via their computers, smart phones, or VR headset.



Fly-through animations are perfect for presentations to prospective clients and investors. Ideal for developers to show present their projects to future clients before breaking ground.
our features

We make it quick, easy and convenient

Our clients love us, and what’s not to love. Our architects are responsive, communicative, experienced, and knowledgeable.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent quality work for our clients, knowing that our 3D rendering presentation is sometimes the first real visual clients and planners get of a project.

Unlike many of our competitors in the 3D industry, we don’t limit the number of modifications our clients make. As we strive to make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with the final renderings that we produce, we invite our clients to make as many modifications and adjustments as necessary to achiever our common goal.

We communicate with our clients about any and all fees associated with the renderings process, and don’t nickel and dime our clients for modifications and changes.

Our staff is headed by architects with interior designers from various prestigious universities with in-depth knowledge of the design and build process. 

We pride ourselves in making sure that our clients are fully satisfied with the 3D renderings that they receive. We understand that we are responsible for producing the images that will be on showcase for clients and the public alike.

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Allow us to help you bring your projects to life.


serving the architectural community since 2003

almost two decades of wonderful relationships created.